“Wake up.”

It’s strange— I’m not a history geek or anything, but my history class inspires my blog ideas a lot of the times, and today was no different.

We learned about Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, the pamphlet that practically ignited the fire in Americans to fight for their independence and break away from the British government. Here’s my quick interpretation of what happened:

People were talking bad and complaining about how tyrannical the British government is, but no one acted on it. Yeah, there were some actions here and there, but it wasn’t organized and were put down by Britain.

Then, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense spreads. His persuasive writing gets some people riled up. Soon after, others see how the others are acting and they get worked up.

Result: American Revolution & Declaration of the Independence.

Why? People always thought they had liberty even under British control, up until someone stood up and said, “WAKE UP!


We’re constantly living in a world of perceptions, an illusion created by the mind.

Until a brave soul wakes people up, people can’t escape this fake world?

They can’t be independent and act out on their own?

Are we always going to be trapped inside the invisible box without realizing?




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