Battle Time: You vs World or You + World vs Nothing

It seems like everything is against us—it’s a battle, a dead serious battle of life or death. Things just hit us in the worst way mankind can ever imagine, and sometimes we want to end our lives, to not have to deal with anything.

I feel like that sometimes (about once every two weeks to be precise). Your first club event gets cancelled super last minute and having to break the news to all the new members about it and apologize. Waking up 6:30 am to realize that you knocked out after a tennis match the night before and you haven’t done any homework due in thirty minutes. You have an AP US History test and an AP Psychology test, both tests that require reading textbooks and memorizing. Your head aching and feeling like your brain cells are quickly dying from that concussion you had for a year.


A page from my sketchbook. We’re all connected. 

I wonder why people can’t help each other. When I say “people,” I mean the people around the world.

We should all get together and help each other fight this battle.

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.” —Helen Keller


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