What does that mean?


Angry Bird stuffed animal in physics class

In English class, we did a close analysis on a piece of writing, “My Name” by Sandra Cisneros, in The House on Mango Street. I haven’t had much experience with rhetorical analysis and it amazed me how everything an author does has a purpose

As I was sitting in my physics class thinking about my cravings for steak, I noticed that I was facing an Angry Bird stuffed animal on top of a cabinet. So why not do a quick analysis?

Red is the symbol of violence, danger, anger and stimulates energy. By drawing attention to the color red, we feel that this bird’s going to do some serious damage.

-The bold, connected, rectangular unibrow adds to the color red, adding to its powerfulness.

-The black pupils are close to each other, and we can infer that the bird has a clear focus (aka the blocks it’s about to knock down)

-The golden beak is sticking out, allowing us to trust the bird to knock down the blocks because of its powerfulness and confidence.

If we think about it, could everything created have a purpose? 


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